Freitag, 23. März 2012

I love Final Fantasy

Maybe some of you may know already that I'm absolutly in love with Final Fantasy Games. The first one I ever played was IX and from the moment I got it I got passionated and wanted to play all the other games haha
My favourite one was X which I played over and over again but when I got XII I was quite dissappointed :( I didn't really like the gameplay and the story, that's why I never finished it...
Since I haven't lived in Germany since 2010, I didn't really had the chance to play these games. My boyfriend owns a PS3 and Final Fantasy XIII but since it was japanese I was not able to understand it! Last May we moved to London and brought our PSP with us. Suddenly my boyfriend felt the desire to buy VII for the PSP and I bought Crisis Core in a second hand store haha
I must say, I really liked Crisis Core! To be honest, I've never had a big interest in VII before I played it. But it really changed my mind :) It's a nice game and I recommend it to everyone :)
So the reason why I'm talking about games is that my boyfriend bought a very cheap PS2 a few days ago and I just ordered a very cheap Final Fantasy X online and can't wait to play it again!! Can't believe that it's almost 7 years that I play this game and I still freakin' love it :)

By the way, my trial work was okay! The work seems very challenging but I'll try to do my best! Even the Manager called me full-time staff already I'll have to talk to the president on Monday... I'm a bit scared and confused but we'll see haha

Last but not least I'm a bit nostalgic recently and just want to show you one purikura I really like.

It's from October 2010 when my sister and her husband came to Visit me in Tokyo :)

Thank you for reading <3